Apologists And Their Dissembling


It's difficult at times to find a Christian with integrity. When a critical thinker points out that some of God's ways are unreasonable; the average Christian typically circles the wagons, i.e. they become defensive and judgmental; deceitfully concealing the unspeakable truth that they too have sometimes entertained the very same opinions.

Try answering the seven questions listed below with a straight up YES or a NO sans excuses, explanations, apologetics, sermons, accusations, recriminations, and/or canned responses. If your answers are too personal, then it's okay to remain silent, but keeping in mind that one day you may be required to stand before God and give an answer for yourself openly and honestly rather than secretly.

1 Was there ever a time when you felt that God should've stepped in to prevent the Serpent from tempting Eve?

2 Was there ever a time when you resented God's control over your life?

3 Was there ever a time when you were dissatisfied with Hades and/or the Lake Of Fire? In other words: was there a time when you felt those punishments go too far, i.e. they're over-kill; too extreme.

4 God knew in advance that He would regret creating humankind, and that He would be drowning most of it in a global deluge; yet went ahead and created people anyway. Has there ever been a time when you felt there was something sick and twisted about God for doing that?

5 Was there ever a time when you felt that some of God's actions were unreasonable, unfair, inhumane, selfish, cruel, and/or the work of a mad man?

6 Was there ever a time when you wished God didn't exist?

7 Was there ever a time when you regarded God as an enemy rather than a friend?

The questions themselves don't really matter all that much. What matters most is whether they're answered honestly; because in order to establish a productive rapport with God, people have to be transparent rather than secretive.

Heb 4:13 . . Nothing in all creation is hidden from God's sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.

Rev 1:13-15 . . Among the lamp stands was someone like a son of man; dressed in a robe reaching down to his feet and with a golden sash around his chest . . . and his eyes were like blazing fire.


FAQ: Why would God ask any of these questions?

A: There are many things that God knows about people that He doesn't need to ask. However, there are times when knowing alone doesn't satisfy Him.

For example: God already knew in advance whether Abraham would go thru with sacrificing his son Isaac. But knowing is different than actually watching a current event in real time, as an on-scene eye witness.

In other words: what God knows in His head is very different than what He's seen for himself. Same thing applies to Sodom and Gomorrah, It wasn't necessary for God to come down out of Heaven and visit the city for Himself to know that it was a deplorable community, but He did anyway because He wanted to see for Himself up close and personal as an eye witness. Same goes for the Tower of Babel.

And Christ most likely knew in advance Peter's innermost thoughts when asked how he felt about Jesus (John 21:15-17). But the Lord wasn't satisfied till Peter came out with his feelings one on one, face to face, man to man.

There are many questions in life that we can brush off as too personal or "I don't know" but God can't be brushed off. If we try, He will only dig in His heels and force the issue till we finally break.

I can neither insist nor guarantee that we'll all be hit with the seven questions listed above but considering that God carpet bombed Job with a barrage of questions, it's likely that us ordinary folk will undergo a similar interrogation; so I suggest we all be thinking about our integrity before that day arrives and catches us unprepared.

You know, honesty may not always be the best policy in Machiavellian politics, but I think when confronted by God, it is. So Christians should not even think about snowing God with apologetics like they do the skeptics as I seriously don't think He can be put off like that.

Speaking for myself: I look forward to a sit down with God with about as much pleasure as I look forward to a root canal; and like a root canal; I will be very glad when it's over because I suspect that the grilling we're all facing won't be pleasant.




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