School For Born Again Christians

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Our home-grown Sunday school started out in 1997 as a little book for our son Nate. Since then it has been expanded, gone through several revisions, and been improved and upgraded so many times that after 24+ years of on-going labor it barely resembles the original content.

Joanne is a retired kindergarten teacher and I'm a retired industrial welder. We don't claim to be authorities on the Bible, and neither one of us has a degree from seminary. Nate's book won't earn anyone credits towards a degree; it's just a rough-hewn, practical guide to to help new and/or inexperienced believers get off on the right foot.

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The Man In The Manger

The King In The Manger

The Everlasting Gospel (Not to be confused with Jesus' gospel)

Deathbed Salvation

What Heaven Won't Be Like

Hold These Thoughts

God In The Shoah (The Holocaust)

Through The Looking Glass  — Bare Naked Essentials

Good Friday?


Why The Resurrection?

Real Mothers

The Kingdom Of God

Answering Some Jewish Objections To Jesus

The New Covenant

Jeconiah's Curse and Christ's Genealogies

Women And Christ

Islam & Christianity — Similar?

Agnostic's Page

Philosopher's Page

The Afterlife

All Hell 1

All Hell 2

Die Now; Live Now

Living Water

Why We Will Never Go Back To Roman Catholicism


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    Cliff and Joanne Weber


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